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looking for software to help your business?

We may be just what you are looking for!

We can build it, or find it.

Businesses need to keep on top of running their daily activities, software is often deemed as being a way of helping do this.

Having the right software is important, have you ever spent so long trying to get to grips with some software that it just takes away the advantage of having it.

Don’t worry we know the frustrations and are here to show you the way forward with getting the right software

Where are you?

We can guide you on the correct route to take.

  • Which software fits your needs best.
  • Which software can be easily adjusted to fit your requirements 

If you are thinking of having some software developed for your business, talk to us first. We may just save you thousands sometimes tens of thousands with a simple chat.

It’s not all about just trying to say yes, it’s about saying yes to the right things.

Our team has years of experience in building and designing software.

It costs nothing for a chat.

Building software

You have a great idea and really want to get some software built to aid your business. Great, let’s chat through the many different options available to you.

We understand your enthusiasm for this and want to share that with you. Our aim is to take that energy and focus it in just the right direction. 

With our expertise in this area, we can ensure that you are guided to the correct solution for your business.

Are you looking to build just for yourself, for your own business? Or are you looking to build a product for the wider market?

Do you have an idea of the software needed, but do not know if it is really right or can be adjusted to fit your needs exactly?

Building a mobile app

An area again we can help you with!

A mobile app can be used as a great tool for any business, whether it be for loyalty based schemes, or allow users to engage directly with you, push notifications or offers to the end user. They have lots of uses and understanding what you really want the app to achieve and how best to do this is where we come in.

Let’s sit down under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and find out exactly what you need, let us throw a few ideas around and see if they fit your thinking. You may be surprised what a free 30-minute chat will achieve. 

Why talk

We understand how excited you are about your new idea, we get it as we’re going through the same thing with a great new app we are developing.

Building software or applications is a complex business with lots of little elements to take into consideration, which sometimes gets forgotten about, or not covered. You may have heard the term “its all in the detail“. This is so true it really is, which is why we like detail.

Our process follows a well-known methodology for software building which ensures we can deliver on time, at the agreed price with a working product.

The process would go like this

  • You have an idea and contact mobix
  • We sit down for 30 minutes under an NDA to discuss
  • Both parties get on and feel they can work together
  • We arrange a more in-depth meeting to build the scope
  • We agree an overall project requirement
  • We carry out a full requirements meeting with the project stakeholders
  • We break each part of the project down so you do not have to wait months before you see anything and agree on times for each delivery.
  • We have review meetings at key points
  • You get continuous updates and direct access to project planning

    In each cycle we build using a special process. This allows us to ensure the quality of the build in relation to the requirements.

    We then deliver the final product to you and get on with the product lifecycle phase.

      Great monthly or flat fee options, the choice is yours 17 years experience so you know you are in good hands Full support and training if required We take the hassle away from you